Rebecca Lentjes researches gendered sonic violence & harassment, particularly that of evangelical anti-abortion protesters, as an ethnomusicology doctoral student funded by a Graduate Council Fellowship at Stony Brook University. She received her BA in music and Romance languages from New York University in 2012, where her studies were funded by an Elizabeth Claster memorial scholarship among others. At NYU, she wrote a thesis on Satie’s influences on minimalism advised by Stanley Boorman, studied composition with Arthur Kampela and Riccardo Riccardi, and also studied piano. Since completing her degree she has worked for RILM Abstracts of Music Literature and the New York Review of Books.

Rebecca’s writing appears in TEMPO, The Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies, Sounding Out!, Music & Literature, The Log Journal, VAN Magazine, and I Care If You Listen. She volunteers regularly both at a reproductive health clinic and at La Monte Young’s Dream House. Secondary research interests include sound studies & gender studies more generally, critical race theory, sound maps, drones, philosophy & anthropology of the voice, and late 20th-/early 21st-century music-makers like Yoko Ono & Meredith Monk. She lives in Brooklyn.

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